Services Overview

At Advision we pride ourselves on the service given to all our customers and recognise it is our service that sets us apart from our competitors. All Advision system installations are provided with one point of contact from system design & quote to installation & training so you always have a contact that knows you, your premises & your system if you have any queries. We can also offer staff training to ensure maximum use of your system with staff trained in using the DVR and being confident reviewing footage. All our staff are CRB certified installers and available with all our plans are 3 – 5 year maintenance option

Access Control

Access Control can be a highly effective security option enabling you to limit unwanted access. Advision offer a number of access control options from a simple 4 digit code lock to a fully integrated PC based network system allowing multi-level controlled access

Whether you need a consultation and advice on access control at the design stage, or effective solutions to an existing security problem, we will put our expertise at your disposal.  We can provide the skills and resources you need from design right through to installation and maintenance.

Advision are nominated suppliers of the UK’s leading suppliers of access control systems – Paxton and BPT


CCTV is one of the most effective security options providing both a visible deterrent against crime and views of key or vulnerable areas. Whether you want to improve health and safety & employee productivity  or to ensure you staff/ guest security, CCTV is reliable and efficient security option

There are a number of options when it comes to designing your CCTV system.

You can have a stand alone digital recorder that records camera images directly onto it’s own hard drive with a monitor attached to view the images, or you can have an IP/ PC based system where recordings go directly to your network & PC’s hard drive for live viewing and playback on your PC monitor

To help you assess your CCTV requirements, below is a guide to the key elements required within your system

The DVR is the heart of any CCTV system ensuring no human error, no tapes and long recording (over weeks). Your DVR will determine how many cameras you can accommodate and the recoding quality & hours. Choose from 4, 8 or 16 camera DVR depending on your coverage requirements

Cameras  – The camera you choose will determine the coverage your system will provide and there are a number of options to suit your environment and budget

static internal cameras are an affordable option great for specific areas

external day/night cameras have infra red features to record 24hr day

Dome/ PTZ’s  cameras provide 360 coverage with great zoom features so are particularly good if coverage is required over long distances

Automatic number plate recognition cameras can help you monitor all vehicles entering your premises

Covert cameras can help with staff monitoring


The monitor you choose will determine the image quality you can view – there is no point in spending money on a high spec camera with low spec monitor and vice versa. Monitors range in price with the key element being the resoltuion they provide.